Baby Music Rack Play Mat Puzzle Carpet BLXCK NORWAY™

Baby Music Rack Play Mat Puzzle Carpet. Check To Know More

100% Safety - This baby play mat is made from high abs materials that are smooth, light, non-toxic, and completely comfortable and safe, making it suitable for skin-to-skin contact with babies.

Multifunction - Toddlers will have limitless fun playing kick and piano and grabbing the dangling ring toys on the playmat. The scale on the edge of the baby's multifunctional fitness game mat is useful for measuring the baby's height.

Baby’s Growth Partner - Multiple tasks for sensory perception development, hand-eye coordination, and world curiosity are included in this gym mat for boys and girls. Strengthening your baby's arm, leg, stomach, and neck muscles will aid in his or her healthy development.

3 Ways to Play - 0-3 months: lie down to exercise limbs by kicking and extending repeatedly. 4-6 months: when playing, lie on your front to strengthen your neck, shoulder, and back. Sitting on the front to play with the keyboard at 6-9 months.

No Batteries - The music pedal piano does not come with batteries, and 3 AA batteries are necessary for use. When babies kick and hit the giant piano keys, they are rewarded with lovely music and flashing lights.