Baby neck pillow blxck norway™

Our baby neck pillow is precisely intended to cradle your baby's head and neck in the ideal position for nodding asleep when seated in a stroller, car seat, or aeroplane. The unique curved design provides the finest support for your baby's head and neck in utmost comfort.
This baby aviation pillow is made of strong fabric and 100 per cent organic pp material and will endure for miles of enjoyment. Helps to keep the baby's head from sagging during naps and keeps the baby's head from shaking while he or she is in a stroller or car seat.
The infant head support is machine washable for your convenience both during and after your vacation. This cushion is padded for comfort and constructed of soft fabric and 100 per cent organic pp cotton. It is soft and gentle on infant skin. It will help your baby feel at ease and allow him or her to sleep soundly.
This newborn car seat head support provides optimal protection for the child's head and neck, and it is appropriate for newborns aged 0 to 1 year. This cushion is lightweight and portable, and it may be used in your baby's car seat, swing, stroller, crib, and other places.
We want to make sure you receive the best deal possible, we are dedicated to your pleasure, and we hope you are satisfied with your purchase. When you click the Add to Cart button, we guarantee that you will be happy. Machine washable, the entire cushion may be cleaned in a washing machine ((30°C / 86°F). Size: 25.5*23cm, seasonally appropriate.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Provides optimal protection
  • Gentle on infant skin
  • Organic pp material
  • Neck in utmost comfort
  • Unique curved design
  • Size: 25.5*23cm