Banister guard for baby child safety net blxcknorway™

Banister Guard for Baby Child Safety Net. Check The Details To Know More

Premium Material - Our safety net is comprised of a heavy-duty, waterproof, and tear-resistant fabric that will keep your child safe for a long time, unlike other fragile railing nets.

Easy To Install - Lock it on the banister with zip ties by inserting them into a designated hole on each side, or by inserting them into mesh holes. There are 54 zip ties in total in the set, making installation more secure.

Practical Design - Kids can't get their fingers through the mesh because the holes are smaller than 0.5cm, making it impossible for them to do so. Your children's vision will not be obstructed by the white honeycomb hole pattern.

Multi-function Safety Net - With this child safety net, you no longer have to worry about your children putting their bodies through banisters or letting their toys tumble down the stairs. It can be used to keep pets out of the railings.