Baby toddler cap anti-collision protective safety helmet blxck norway™

Baby Toddler Cap Anti-collision Protective Safety Helmet. Check The Details To Know More

Adjustable Size - The head helmet for babies and infants is adjustable with magic tape, with a circumference range of 43cm to 60cm (about 16.93" to 23.63"). This infant safety hat is suitable for babies from 6 to 60 months.

Super Lightweight - This children's safety harness kid toddler head cushion kid is only 58g, making it extremely light. The filler material is unique mesh IXPE, which is soft, comfortable, lightweight, shock-absorbent, sweat-absorbent, impact-resistant, has good air permeability, and is environmentally friendly.

Protect Baby's Head - The head protective toddler helmet cushion can effectively protect the baby's head during friction and collision from fall and bump due to its dampening and cushioning function.

The infant head helmet provides excellent head guard protection as your child learns to crawl, walk, and play around the house or outside (it cannot be used for motorcycling).

Cleaning Method - Keeping the soft safety kid harness toddler baby helmet crawling walking clean is essential. The infant protective helmet for babies is machine washable, and frequent washing will not deform it. Hand washing is acceptable; however, please do not bleach, iron, or dry-clean.