This will temporarily convert your clipless pedal into a platform!!!
Need to use your road or mountain bike for a quick journey to the shops, or to get to the local watering hole on a Friday night? It’s likely you won't want to wear your cycling shoes for those occasions, as walking around in SPDs is never a good time. Instead of swapping out your clipless pedals for flats every time, you can actually temporarily convert your clipless pedal into a platform with CRANKWORK™ PREMIUM CLIPLESS PEDAL TO PLATFORM ADAPTERS.
Lightweight And Durable - The pedal adapters are made from 100 percent aircraft aluminum, which means they are very strong, rust resistance, hard, light weight and durable.
Universal -  The pedals work with all clipless pedals that have 2 and 3 hole cleat options.
Pop In. Twist Out - The pedals are easy to use by just popping in and twisting out. It's off-center balance allows for easy starts while 6MM Allen wrench slot and finger hold allow for quick removal.

Unique Design - The Pedals has unique features which include integrated traction pegs. The pedals fit together for easier portability and storage. It has curved bottom to imitate road shoes for better attachment to road pedals and the ability to add your customized strap.