2Pcs Mini Car Hook Sticker Holder Key Wall Hanger BLXCK NORWAY™

Having useful accessories in the car can be very helpful. Most of us usually find it difficult to keep our small stuff organized or in the place. Sometimes, it can get lost or we forget the place where we kept. Therefore, getting a hook to hang your small and tiny stuff is very essential. We have come up with this amazing 2Pcs Mini Car Hook Sticker Holder Key Wall Hanger that quite efficient and easy to use. It has a hidden design that will complement the interior of your car and will give a classy look.
This holder can be used on almost all kinds of surfaces such as glass, leather, metal, wood, etc. It looks very classy and stylish and will enhance the look of your car. It is made up of superior quality ABS material and is highly durable. It will give you a long term performance and will provide great help to keep our stuff organized. It comes with a solid imported 3M adhesive that will give a solid and tight grip to hold heavy weights up to 2 kg.
It has a quite ergonomic design and is very compact. It can bear heavy loads very conveniently and will not cause any markings or damage. It is one of the most efficient tools that will make organizing the stuff much easier. They are small in size and works very efficiently. Besides cars, you can also stick this hook to your house walls and use it for household purpose. To use this hook, all you need to do is clean the selected surface and tear off the adhesive tape behind the hook. Then, paste the hook and press the button to use it.
This mini car hook can be used to hang your keys, headphones, shopping bag, USB, data cables or any other small objects.  You can use this anywhere in the car as it is very compact and can save a lot of space. It is super tight and is very hard to fall off. It has a round edge for safety instead of a sharp edge to avoid any hazards or wounds. This is also a perfect gift option for your family, friends, etc on the occasion of birthday, anniversary, Christmas day, thanksgiving, mother’s or father’s day etc.