Alloy Car Trash Can Auto Organizer Case Holder Auto Accessories BLXCK NORWAY™

Managing the trash in the car can be quite a hassle. Not only it will make your car look unhygienic but will also cause a bad smell. If you are looking for an efficient alternative that can store your car garbage or trash, then these Alloy Car Trash Can Auto Organizer Case Holder Auto Accessories are the perfect option for you. It is made up of superior quality aluminium alloy + ABS and is highly durable to give a long-term service.
The design of this trashcan is quite compact and it fits in most of the cupholders and glove compartments of your car. It is quite simple and has a very modern look. It is perfect for most cars and looks quite elegant. The best part of this holder is that it will not leak any kind of odour from the trash as long as the cover is closed. It is a very convenient alternative and is portable so that you can carry it with you without any worries.
It comes with a telescope–feed fixation that will keep the trash bags in place and it will not slide down. It has a press down bullet cover design. To use this trashcan, all you need to do is press the cover with your finger to open it. You do not need to touch the trash bag and make your hands dirty. It is super hygienic and is more convenient. It has a quite large capacity of around 500 ML.
This is a multi-use organizer case that can also be used to keep small stuff and also for household accessories. You can place them easily in a cup holder, am rest box, glove compartment, etc. Besides it, you can also use it to keep all your stationery stuff while you are studying or working in the office. You can also put all your craft tools or your make up in order to organise them. This is also a great gift option that you can give to your family, friends on the occasion of Christmas Day Thanksgiving, etc.