BBQ Gloves High Temperature Resistance Microwave Oven Gloves BLXCK NORWAY™

High-Temperature Resistance Microwave Oven BBQ Gloves For You. Check to know More.

Premium Triple Material - The oven gloves are made up of three different materials. The first material is a lovely pattern silicone that provides non-slip protection and is flexible enough to grip small kitchen utensils. The second material is ultra-high-strength aramid fiber, which is resistant to heat, cuts, acids, and alkalis. The third material is polyester cotton, which is soft and comfortable on the inside. The ideal combination of maximum protection and maximum comfort.

Upgraded Size - We increased the size of the gloves to accommodate the majority of people's hands. Palm lengths of 8 inches plus extra wrist guard lengths of 5.7 inches are sufficient to protect your fingers, hands, wrists, and forearm. The 4.7-inch cuff width makes it simple to put on and take off, and it's elastic enough to accommodate most hand sizes.

Easy to Clean & Store - Machine washable and hand washable options are available. When not in use, you may hang your oven gloves on a hook to store or dry them by tying a loop in the inside cuff.

Multi-purpose Use - When cooking, baking, holding a pot, or using a smoker grill, our heat-resistant glove protects your hands. Perfect for high-heat cooking, baking, grilling, or anything else that requires heat.

Package Includes - 1 pair of gloves