Handmade Chunky Loafers Genuine Cow Leather Platform Women Shoes BLXCK NORWAY™

Wearing classy and stylish footwear can make a great first impression. It can enhance your overall personality and can make you look so much smarter. However, along with style, it is very essential to feel comfortable in that footwear.  If you are looking for a shoe that is super comfortable and stylish at the same time and this is the perfect alternative for you. It is available in two beautiful colours, black and brown.
These shoes have an exquisite design that will complement all the outfits and you can wear them on any occasion, for example, a business meeting, get together, party Or any casual event. It also has a thick platform heel of about 4.2 cm that will increase the height of your body and will provide a comfortable walk all day long without any irritation. It has a breathable material that will allow air ventilation and it will not make your feet feel congested.
These shoes are made up of high-quality leather material and are highly durable it has a classic loafer design that also offers a vintage look the soul is made up of rubber and it is very light in weight to offer a comfortable walk.  It also has a non-grip sole that You can have a great trip to prevent slipping on most of the floors. It has a cute pump design that features classy round two and has a soft inner lining. You can pair this shoe with any of your outfits. In case you’re not sure about the size you can refer to the size chart below and choose your perfect size.
These shoes are beautifully designed and are extremely comfortable to wear daily. It has a soft material and it will give you a long-lasting performance. You can now make your loved one happy by giving this to your loved ones. It also has a metal chain decoration that will enhance the look of your shoes and will give a great look. This is also a perfect gift option for your family, friends, etc on the occasion of birthday, anniversary, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day et cetera