Beauty and Beast Rose Galaxy Flower Rose BLXCK NORWAY™

Showing your loved ones a gesture of affection by giving them real flowers can be so mesmerizing. However, we all know that these flowers will be withered and one cannot keep them with them for more than a day. To avoid such circumstances, we have come up with the best alternative that will give a special feeling to its receiver and it can stay with you forever to cherish the memories of your great moment.
This Beauty and Beast Rose Galaxy Flower Rose is a perfect gift that you can give due to its super beautiful look. It comes in a gift box so there is no need to worry about the packaging and you can gift it directly. This is the best option for people to show their love and who are in a long-distance relationship. You can also bring this rose as a showpiece diplay for your house to make it look more elegant.
Inspired by Beauty and The Beast, this crystal rose can be a great addition to your house interiors and will enhance the overall appearance of your room. It is made from highly durable material and will stay with you forever unlike the real rose. It also consists of glowing LED lights that are wrapped around the rose to give a more enchanted and gorgeous look.
This rose works on 3 AAA batteries and consists of a flick switch to turn on the lightings. The string LED light is of high-quality copper wire that can be bendable and is completely waterproof. This heartwarming gift is designed so beautifully and has vintage wood petals along with the lights to give an impeccable display. It is a perfect gift option that you can give to your loved ones on the occasions of their Birthday, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Wedding, Engagement, Mothers Day, etc.