Vintage motorcycle leather goggles glasses blxck norway™

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Vintage Motorcycle Leather Goggles Glasses. Check The Details To Know More

Quality Material - Safe and high-quality tinted goggles with a wide peripheral vision, soft leather sponge padding, and a comfortable fit are a must-have cool vintage goggles/sunglasses for you.

Import ABS raw leather chrome metal frame with anti-crash ventilation, fits over glasses and is not easily broken due to high stiffness material. All of the lenses are made of a high-quality, shatterproof TPU material that is long-lasting.

Comfortable & Long-Lasting - Long-lasting and easy-to-clean lenses that maintain their original color and efficiently improve visual clarity and contrast. Remove reflected and dispersed light more easily, improve the clarity and softness of the scenery, and effectively protect the eyes.

Easy to adjust with non-slip strap, extra-long size strap made of durable nylon, pleasant close fit for sports fans of various head sizes, as well as design to fit half or open face helmets.

Windproof & Dust-proof - Sturdy thick foam air cushions are directly attached to the goggle's frame, offering the best eye protection against wind and dust particles, as well as superb all-day cruising comfort. Polarized sports sunglasses not only perform well, but they also come in a beautiful package that makes them ideal as a present for friends and family who enjoy outdoor activities. Completely shields your eyes from the sun, helps to deflect wind and dust, and is scratch-resistant.

Delicate Design - These vintage pilot motorbike goggles have a delicate design that fits close to your face and eyes without putting pressure on your nose. The scratch-resistant and indestructible lightweight metal frame design are suitable for motorbike and cycling bicycle, driving, fishing, racing, skiing, climbing, trekking, or other outdoor sports. It is ideal for higher noses and was designed using European and American faces.

Vintage motorcycle leather goggles glasses blxck norway™

Vintage motorcycle leather goggles glasses blxck norway™