Always Spilling Oil All Around You And Your Bike When You Grease Your Bike Chain...Stop Oiling Your Brake Disk Or Tyre! We Have The Perfect Solution Chainroller™ Premium Bike Chain Oiler! Incredibly Compact & Easy To Carry To Keep Your Chain Fresh & Oiled Wherever You Are! 

  • Chain Maintenance- The Chain Lubricator Makes You Pedal Easily And Prevent The Chain From Rusting And Oxidation!

  • Wool Cleaning Wire- Made of Wool Cleaning Wire, Which Has Undergone A Lot Of Practical Tests, This Tool Is Easier To Wipe Away Stains On The Chain Than Ordinary Brushes!

  • Long Term Usage- The Wool Felt Part Could Be Easily Washed And Used Many Times! 
  • Keeps Your Hands Clean- The Tool Will Not Get Your Hands Dirty While Cleaning! The Shell Protects Your Hands From Getting Oily When You Wipe It!

  • Multi-Functional- Suitable For Ever Types Of Bicycles, Free Wheel Design!
  • Magnetic Design- The Oil Lubricator Comes With Magnetic Absorption Function, Convenient & Efficient!
  • Compact Body- Comes With Storage Box, That Makes It Incredibly Easy To Carry Around!