Bike Lift Ceiling BLXCK NORWAY™

Is your garage fully packed and you do not have enough space? Are you looking for a solution? Well, we have come up with a Bike Lift Ceiling that will give you a lot of space in your garage to store your essential stuff. It is super easy to install and is very convenient to use.
This is made up of premium nylon ropes and high-quality steel and thus, it is highly durable and strong. It can withstand heavy weights without any hassle. It also has hooks that are coated with plastics. The main purpose of this plastic hook is that it acts as a guard that will protect your item from scratches.

This Bike Lift Ceiling is made with advanced technology and comprises a safe locking mechanism. This will forestall your item from falling down and getting damaged. This is the most ideal hanger for you if you are planning to clear out your garage and free up some space.

This works perfectly to lift your bike, ladder storage etc. It has a quite efficient pulley system which is quite easy to use, all you need to do is attach the hooks to your item, lift them up and then secure it with a lock. The maximum capacity that this hanger can take is around 57 kg. The length of the rope used is approximately 14 m. It is one of the most resourceful equipments that can act as a saviour when you are in need of a space to store something.