Black double dual camera shoulder strap

Our black double dual camera shoulder strap is ballistic nylon for exceptional durability, and Absorb Impact from a hefty camera All DSLR/SLR cameras, binoculars, and video cameras are compatible. Attachment points are provided so that you may personalize your strap with your preferred store. It's built and curved to fit snugly over your shoulder, and the weight of your camera is evenly distributed for maximum comfort.
This Quick Double Shoulder Strap for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR is lightweight and very soft. It also has a broad, anti-slip, and soft spongy design that makes your shoulder comfortable and reduces strain when carrying a large DSLR camera and lens.
A Quick Setting Base ensures that the DSLR camera and lens are securely attached. It's beneficial for quickly adjusting the front length. Professionally designed and readily transportable with two DSLRs. The length of the strap may be easily altered.
It has a high load capacity of 16kg and is made of neoprene and nylon. It is made of solid zinc and has a two-way Quick Release Plate. You may quickly mount the camera to the tripod using a 1/4" screw thread without removing the quick-release plate.
The ergonomic neoprene design perfectly distributes weight, and all critical mechanical elements are reinforced to assure the safety and longevity of the robust metal plate (not plastic!) throughout camera usage. In addition, the board includes a protective rubber layer to avoid slippage and scratching. 
  • ✔️Your perfect harness
  • ✔️Design to fit your perfect
  • ✔️Excellent performance
  • ✔️Fits all DSLR/SLR cameras
  • ✔️Customize your strap
  • ✔️Fit perfectly around your shoulder
  • ✔️Carries 2 cameras or 2 lenses vertically.
  • ✔️Bomb-proof webbing.
  • ✔️Work in style
  • ✔️Built for speed
  • ✔️Size: one fits all
  • ✔️Weight: 320g