Outdoor camping tableware set blacknorway™

We have come up with this nonstick cookware set that will allow you to cook delicious meals while enjoying your trip, hiking, camping, etc.


This cookware set includes one fry pan, one kettle, and two pots. It is made of superior quality aluminium material and is highly durable for long-term use.

The design of this cookware set is very ergonomic and compact. You can easily fold and carry this set while traveling and it does not take much space.

The handles of this set are made with thermally insulated plastic to ensure your safety from heat. It has an anti-slip design that provides you with a stable and comfortable grip while cooking.

You can easily store all the cooking sets together in a mesh bag to save space. It is quite sturdy and can tolerate high temperatures. It can conduct the heat quickly to cook or boil food.

This nonstick cookware set is ideal for camping, hiking, picnic, fishing, outdoor activities, etc. Buy this set now and enjoy your trip with delicious and quick meals.