Bluetooth wifi water timer

Our Bluetooth wifi water timer has a WIFI hub, simply connect the WIFI hub to your home network and couple it with the water timer to control the water hose timers via the APP. Our irrigation system's WIFI hub connector emits a powerful signal, ensuring a quick and reliable connection, making watering your lawn/garden/yard/greenhouse a breeze!
Simply scan the QR code on the user manual to install the APP, which is extremely simple to use and has a simple interface, and you will be able to access all functions of the garden watering timer and program 9 customized irrigation schedules on your phone to easily set the start time, end time, interval, and more, just like setting an alarm clock no matter where you are!
We included sprinkler and sprayer modes in our WiFi hose timer to meet a variety of watering needs in a variety of weather, seasons, causes, and scenarios. You may set up to eight distinct sprinkler programs and one separate sprayer program. You may change the schedule to meet your needs, such as irrigating your garden, grass, potted plants, or greenhouse vegetables, humidifying and dusting the surroundings, or filling your pool.
The sprinkler timer has a clever rain-delay function that detects the weather and delays the predetermined watering schedule when it rains. You may also manually activate or disable the rain-delay mode on the APP to avoid over-watering and safeguard your plants and grass. The hose timer is constructed from high-quality IP55 waterproof impact plastic and anti-UV silicone.
In the case of an emergency or temporary watering, this WIFI irrigation hose timer has a manual watering mode that can be initiated with a single click. To minimize water waste, the smart sprinkler timer for the garden includes an auto-off protection feature when the watering period in manual watering mode exceeds 60 minutes in case you forget to switch it off. The smart APP also maintains track of the water hose timer user record.
  • ✔️Manual irrigation & auto-off mechanism
  • ✔️Sprinkler mode + sprayer mode
  • ✔️Set your watering plan easily via the app
  • ✔️Build your smart irrigation system
  • ✔️Intelligent rain delay mode
  • ✔️IP55 waterproof & low power consumption
  • ✔️The smart rain delay system
  • ✔️Complete control via the app
  • ✔️32 water timers with only one wifi hub