Bone conduction bluetooth speaker blxck norway™

Bone Conduction Bluetooth Speaker. Check The Details To Know More

Turn Any Hollow Surface Into a Speaker - The Bluetooth Bone Conducting Speaker (diameter 4cm/1.57") produces incredible sound from any hollow surface. Any hollow object can be turned into a speaker at any time.

Bluetooth Surround Sound - Because this revolutionary Bluetooth-enabled item is also TWS enabled, use two Bluetooth Bone Conducting Speakers coupled to achieve stereo sound.

Small, Powerful Speakers - The Bluetooth Bone Conducting Speaker has a high sound level that is 4 to 5 times higher than the normal volume on your phone, reaching up to 115db, and when used with two speakers, it produces breathtaking stereo music with deep bass.

Multi-Functional Speakers - The Bluetooth Bone Conducting Speaker may also be used for one-on-one or conference calls, as well as providing an incredible sound experience whether playing games, watching videos, or watching movies on your device.

Different Surfaces, Different Sounds - The Bluetooth Bone Conducting Speaker's Do-It-Yourself customizing sound creates an amazing listening experience. You can experiment with different sounds by placing the speaker on different smooth, hollow surfaces, such as mirrors, guitars, plastic storage boxes, and even dashboards. Turn it on, pair it with your Bluetooth device, and relax.