Is reading books one of your favourite activities to do? If yes, than probably you cannot be able to read at night without disturbing others with the lightings. But now no more, as we have come up with an outstanding solution.  With his LED night light book, you can easily read your books at night without laying any stress to the eyes.
It is a very convenient gadget that comes with LED light bulbs and runs with 3 x AAA batteries which are already included.
Due to its lightweight, you can always carry it with you while travelling or simply can use it at home. This is a wireless reading lamp that requires no hassle and is very easy to use. This lamp enhances your reading experience and protects your eyes from getting extra stress.
It is very energy efficient which does not require charging and the included batteries that are highly durable. This lamp provides white light with anti glare. It has such a classy design and it acts as a book mark due to its flat surface.
You can easily adjust the brightness of the light with the switch provided that will spread even light to the entire page.