Waterproof non-slip wear-resistant bottom rain shoe covers blxck norway™

Waterproof Non-Slip wear-Resistant Bottom rain Shoe Covers. Check The Details To Know More

This shoe cover is universal, fitting all sizes of shoes from S to XL; one pair of shoe covers is sufficient to protect all sorts of shoes; universal for men and women; universal for the entire family.

Anti-slip and waterproof shoe covers that are 100 percent elastic, nontoxic, and non-toxic, and have a durable sole to ensure your safety.

Outdoor use in a variety of settings: protects shoes from mud, rain, snow, and sand, making it ideal for rainy days and activities such as camping, fishing, car washing, golf, and gardening.

Roll it up and put it in carefully, like a sock. It's really simple to put on and take off, and learning how to wear it correctly will save you time. It's simple to transport and reuse thanks to its lightweight, folding shape, which is ideal for packing in a backpack or handbag. It doesn't take up a lot of room and is easy to transport. TPE is a thicker substance that is both durable and reusable.