Portable gun wood cocktail smoker handheld food kitchen blacknorway™

Do you wish to add a spark of taste and creativity to your food? If yes, then this portable smoker gun is an amazing way as it can easily add the smoky flavour of Applewood, teas, spices, dried flowers, etc. to make your food more delicious.

It comes with an anodized aluminium smoking chamber that contains heat and produces cool smoke. It is an excellent system that will allow you to infuse the smoke without affecting the texture or temperature of your food.

It also allows you to experiment with new smoke and flavours. You can add this smoke to vegetables, cocktails, fish, meat, etc.

You can use different types of wood chips, herbs, spices, and tea to add a smoky flavour and aroma to your food. It is very easy and convenient to use without any hassle. It only takes 3 to 5 minutes to add the smoke into your meal or drinks.

It has an ergonomic and portable design. You can easily carry it while going out for travelling, camping, hiking, etc. It is very light in weight and can be used for your BBQ party, picnic, get-together, party, etc.