Breathable Memory Cotton Lumbar Pillow Waist For Car & Seat BLXCK NORWAY™

Cotton Breathable Memory Lumbar Pillow For Waist & Neck Support Which Can Be Used In Car When You're Going For Long Drives. This Is A Must Have Item For You.

Pure Foam and Body Heat Responsive - Our back pillow is composed of pure foam that moulds and adjusts to your specific support need using body heat. Whatever chair you're seated in, the curved design will accommodate the curves of your back. It's great for using at home, at work, or in the vehicle.

Support for the Upper, Middle and Lower Back - Our office chair back support softens hard backrests to offer a soft yet supportive surface. Most chairs lack adequate lumbar support, causing you to hunch over and sit in pain for hours. Our chair pillow is designed to fill the gap left by non-supportive seats

Posture and Spinal Curvature Support - Our lumbar cushion for office chairs is designed to support your lower back's spinal curvature and provide you with maximum comfort. Our office chair cushion conforms to your every curve to provide lumbar support, which is critical for maintaining an appropriate sitting posture.

Breathable Mesh Cover - The airy mesh cover of our back pillow is machine washable and dryer safe. The mesh allows air to flow through the memory foam, allowing heat to be dissipated enabling you to stay cool.
Important Note - If your back cushion has a faint odor, dry it on low heat for 30 to 40 minutes using a scented fabric softener sheet.