Breathable Stereotypes Anti-head Baby Protective Latex Pillow

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Baby Protective Latex Pillow For Your Kids. Check the Details to Know More

Paediatrician & Osteopath Recommended - Ergonomically created in a 4D curved shape in pillow to mould the curvature of your baby's back skull and prevent the flat head syndrome, as recommended by a paediatrician and osteopath.

Safe Quality Sleep - High-quality slow-rebound soft memory foam combined with a curved hollow shape ensures that the baby's head is aligned with the spine, providing extra head-neck support and relieving pressure on the neck and spine. Providing a safe, deep, and comfortable slumber for your baby.

High-Quality Material - High-quality fabric made of 100 per cent organic cotton with consecutive 4D-air meshes for breathability. Construction that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter while also being durable.

Travel Pillow - The U-shaped design combined with the centrally curved region targets to support and stabilise, so your baby's neck does not tyre or sprain during motion or sitting position, which is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to safeguard your baby's neck when travelling (especially if baby falls asleep).

Multi Texture Perception Training Ball - Gift - Grasp, throw, squeeze, and pinch; simultaneously develop and cultivate baby's cognitive abilities. Playing helps to foster rapid synaptic connections and brain development.

Breathable Stereotypes Anti-head Baby Protective Latex Pillow

Breathable Stereotypes Anti-head Baby Protective Latex Pillow