Bushcraft auger wrench survival hand drill blacknorway™

 We have come up with this Bushcraft auger wrench survival drill kit that will make the manual drilling very convenient and effortless. It is an ideal tool to carry while going camping, hiking, bush crafting, etc.

 This hand drill has a very ergonomic and sharp design. It is made with high-quality hardened oxidised steel material and has great durability. It is sturdy and easy to carry while going out.

You can now drill the larger wooden rod conveniently with the help of this tool. It is of perfect size and provides greater torque and effortless drilling. This is a must-have tool for your jungle craft backpack due to its efficiency.

It has a perfect self-tapping pilot screw design that can easily create a hole to the surface. You can use this for various Softwood/Greenwood surfaces like chairs, ladders, fish traps, survival shelters, etc.