Car warm air blower blxcknorway™

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Car Warm Air Blower. Check The Details To Know More

Fast Heating - In the winter, cars parked outside might be unbearably chilly when you enter them. The speed with which our Car Heater Fan generates heat is one of the main reasons why our clients adore it. The heater, which is equipped with a 150W robust alloy heating resistor, provides warmth or begins defrosting in less than 3 seconds after being plugged in, ensuring your comfort and convenience.

Mount Anywhere - Unlike many other cheaply made car heater fans on the market, our Defrost features a robust glossy metallic case and comes with a suction pad and adjustable arm instead of 3M tape, so you won't have to worry about sticky adhesive on your dashboard. It's all really simple, tidy, and secure, and you're getting a great consistent wind.

Dual Temperature Fan - This Automotive Car Heater has two modes that you can easily switch between heat and cool, allowing you to enjoy the warmth on a cold day or the wind on a hot, sunny day.

Simple to Operate - Simply plug the vehicle heater into your cigarette lighter socket, select heat or fan (MAKE SURE YOUR CAR HAS A 12V LIGHTER PORT), and you're good to go. It's that simple! It comes with a 180° rotational holder for easy directing and adjustment, exactly like any other automotive vent.

Saving Gas - This Car Heater Portable may provide warmth or defrost your windows, and the fan only takes electricity/energy from the alternator, not gas, making it a cost-effective method to remain warm.

Car warm air blower blxcknorway™

Car warm air blower blxcknorway™