Orthopedic & Anti-Vomiting Cat Bowl

Have you ever wondered that it can be quite uncomfortable for your pet to bend down while eating? This Orthopedic & Anti-Vomiting Cat Bowl will help in maintaining the posture of your cat while eating.
It has a high raised stand that lowers the pressure on the joints and stomach while they eat the food. The design is perfect for a cat with arthritis as it allows the food to go directly to the stomach.
It has a 15-degree angle that will reduce the chances of gulping the food and, therefore, will prevent vomiting while they are eating. This is the best bowl for older cats as it will prevent bending of your cat while eating.
The bowl is super easy to clean and can be removed from the base. You can use a regular dishwasher to keep it hygienic. The best part is that it is made up of non-toxic plastic, which is completely safe for your beloved ones.