Cat Scratcher Mats Furniture Protector

Is Your Cat Damaging Furniture?? Use This Scratcher Mat as a Furniture Protector


Cat Scratching Mat - Attracts your cat while also providing a place for them to sharpen their claws. To avoid damage to the sofa and other furnishings, keep the cat away from them. This mat is not only a simple sisal mat, but it also promotes good kitten care.

Natural Sisal Material - To provide the finest for your adoring kitty, this mat is constructed from natural sisal, a robust fiber that is wear-resistant, firm, saline-alkaline tolerance, and anti-corrosion. Your pet will be enthralled by the mat almost immediately.

Strict Craft and Skid-Friendly - Each craft is carefully managed to prevent the mat from being damaged or scratched. As a result, the mat in front of you has a structured texture and is skid-friendly. It won't make your pet feel uneasy.

Durable and Thoughtful Design - The mat's edge is secured to prevent it from splitting and to keep it steady after your cat scratches it. Furthermore, it is fitted with a skid-proof bottom for more stead performance, allowing your pet to have more pleasure when playing.