Child Anti Lost Wrist Strap Magnetic Safety Outdoor Walking BLXCK NORWAY™

No matter how careful and protective we are for our kids, there is still a slight chance of them getting lost in the crowded place. Instead of taking that slight risk, try using Child Anti Lost Wrist Strap Magnetic Safety Outdoor Walking that will ensure your child’s safety and will keep your child close to you using a soft wire rope.
This leash comes with a lock and key on both the set in order to provide extra security while going in a crowded place. These advanced wristbands are so efficient because a child cannot remove them after getting locked. It has to be unlocked by the parent to remove. It works best while travelling to a place like supermarkets, subways, shopping centres, crowded streets etc.
This band is extremely comfortable for your little kid and has very soft material. It is made up of cotton fabric that is breathable and completely safe on your skin. This environment-friendly material is quite soft and there is no friction that can cause redness or rashes. It also allows air ventilation so that you don’t feel congested while wearing this band.
This wristband has 360-degree rotating cuffs and comes with an anti-lost link with an automatic spring back. This provides 100% safety for your child without getting lost while exploring the places. It has a 300D Elastic wire rope that can be stretched up to 250 cm. The wire is made of superior quality stainless steel which makes the product highly durable. This band is worth every penny due to the security it provides.