Children's Simulation Makeup Pretend Cosmetic Toy Set BLXCK NORWAY™

Every kid loves playing games of different kinds. With the increasing trend for makeup, nowadays kids are also getting interested in makeup and they are more curious to learn about it. While giving them real make-up can be a bit harmful as the ingredients present can be harsh for the baby soft skin. As a solution, there are a set of make-up products as a toy especially for girls so that they can use their creativity and learning ability. If you’re looking for an amazing make-up set for kids,  then this Children's Simulation Makeup Pretend Cosmetic Toy Set is the most perfect option for you.

This makeup set includes products such as powder, lipsticks, lip glosses, blushes, application brushes, spray bottles, eye shadows of different colours, a set of nail art, a hair comb, cosmetic bag, eyebrow pencil brush, etc. It comes in two sets, one includes 12 pieces and the other consist of 28 pieces. This is a washable make-up kit that will help and enhance your child’s imagination and creativity.

 Generally, kids love to play dress up. This will add fun to the game as it gives you a real make a blog that they can use to learn the application or just to play. These are perfect kits that can satisfy your child’s curiosity if they are interested in doing makeup. This is a perfect make-up set that you can use to develop your child’s practical ability and motor skill development. It is made up of chewable silicone material and is highly durable for long term performance.
This make-up set is completely washable as it uses water-soluble formula without any kind of harmful or non-irritating preservatives. This is a perfect distraction if you are having urgent work as they will be busy throughout this game. You can easily wash this make-up with water and it is super easy to clean. It is also 100% safe for kids to use. It also consists of a cosmetic bag that is specially designed for kids to store these makeup products. It is quite easy to carry and is also a perfect gift option for any little girl or boy who has an interest in makeup on the occasion of the birthday, Christmas day, thanksgiving, etc.