Chunky Handmade Cow Leather Women Sneakers Women BLXCK NORWAY™

Chunky Handmade Cow Leather Women Sneakers. Check To Know More

The sneaker was created for the detail-obsessed alternative sneaker lover. This chunky sneaker is ideal for a stroll or a run, and it will make you stand out. For ultimate comfort, the shoes are made of airy mesh cloth and have a flexible rubber sole. This is a shoe that can be worn all year. It goes well with jeans.

Lightweight & Breathable - Mesh + PU upper, improved air circulation, pleasant inside, difficult to put on, elegant and comfy, four-level wearable.

Durable & Stylish - Circular arc comfortable toe, large space, no squeezing of the foot, fit the foot shape, uniform force. You can stretch your toes comfortably. High-quality fabrics, good quality, stylish and unique style.

Wear-Resistant & Non-Slip - Bumpy texture, personalized shading, high-purity rubber non-slip sole, firm grip can make the sole friction against the ground, thick, safe, very light.

Invisible Increase - The thick bottom increases, the height of 5cm outside and the height inside of 1.11cm make you look extra aura, the upper foot is comfortable and not bulky, and the increase shows the leg length.