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Push Up Board Home Gym Equipment. Check The Details To Know More

Makes Push-Ups Easier & More Scientific - Is it truly scientific to do push-ups if you like to exercise? Take a look at this push-up board; by arranging the grips in different ways, you can work out various muscles in your body (Chest, shoulders, back, and triceps). The blue area works the chest muscles, the red area works the shoulders, the green area works the triceps muscles, and the yellow areas work the back muscles.

High-Quality Materials - The resistance band is composed of natural latex, which is eco-friendly, robust, and very elastic, while the press-up board is made of high-quality ABS plastic.

Combine the two to make your everyday activity more effective and comfortable. Non-slip Stickers keep the press-up board from wobbling or moving around while you're working out.

Ease Your Pressure On The Wrist - Reduce wrist strain by exercising on the Muscle Board to prevent forcing your hands against the ground, which can cause joint compression and ligament damage. Allow you to more comfortably work out numerous muscle groups.

Easy To Carry & Store - The push-up board is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for workouts at home or on the road. You can take this pushup board anywhere with the included storage bag: to the gym, outside, or at home!

Save Time & Money - It only takes 30 minutes every day to grow the optimal muscle group. It's an ideal gift for a family member or friend who wants to improve their muscle control and tone.