Jar opener multi-function cap opener under cabinet blxcknorway™

Jar Opener Multi-function Cap Opener Under Cabinet. Check The Details To Know More 

Jar Opener - Grabs any lid, whether factory sealed, childproof, tamper proof, or just stuck from the contents of the jar. The Jar Opener will open with a simple twist.

Opens All Jar Lid Sizes - Try anything little, such as a bottle of water, nail polish, or a large container of pickles, peanuts, canned fruits, jams, molasses, marshmallow cream, or maraschino cherries to open all jar lid sizes.

Installation & Operation Are Easy - It's simple to install and operate thanks to the pre-applied peel-and-stick adhesive and three provided screws. It's great for kids, the elderly, those with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, people who work in kitchens, and people who have restricted hand movement or are amputees.

Take Note of This Feature - This jar opener tucks away nicely beneath a cabinet, cupboard, counter, or shelf, freeing up important storage space.