Panoramic scuba diving mask dry snorkel blxcknorway™

Panoramic Scuba Diving Mask Dry Snorkel. Check The Details To Know More

The Matrix mask is one of the most popular adult scuba diving and snorkeling masks on the market.

A Cressi patented design with slanted and inverted tear-drop lenses for improved downward visibility. When scuba diving, it's ideal for monitoring the BCD and equipment.

Laterally especially in the lower zone, the field of view is exceptionally wide. Tempered glass is used for the lenses. Internal volume is extremely low, online with the greatest freediving masks. Ideal for quick equating. The soft silicone skirt is hypoallergenic and has a wide sealing surface for a leak-free fit.

Headband adjustments are exact thanks to micrometric adjustable buckles. Cressi, a pioneer in Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, and Freediving equipment since 1946, invented and manufactured the Matrix in Italy.