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Cube Baby Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal. Check The Details To Know More

Guitar Multi-effects Pedal - A guitar effect pedal with nine classic amplifier approximations. There are a variety of models available, including the Fender Pro Princeton, Lin 6 Vetta, Marshall 1960, and others. Two modulation effects (chorus and phase shift), one tape delay, one reverb effect, and eight vintage IR file models are included in this pedal. A high-precision tuner is also included. 3

Multi-Function - The guitar effect pedal is equipped with wireless audio playback, allowing you to play accompaniment in your show with ease. The sound card and mobile phone recording functions are also included in the pedal's capabilities. It's easy to carry and has a great tone. Your trusty guitar pal!

Supports Third-Party IR Files - Guitar pedals with several effects may import third-party IR files, so if you want to cover the original IR file, use the USB connector that came with the product to import the third-party IR box simulation file. Cube-Suite is free software that may be downloaded from our official website.

Live & Presets Modes -There are two modes on this guitar multi effect pedal: live mode, which allows the player to adjust the effects chain and then store the presets, and preset mode, which allows the player to select between three presets. It comes with three preset settings (Lead, Rhythm, and Clean), but you may easily replace them with your own in Live Mode.

Recording & Accompaniment - This guitar pedal has a wireless music playback capability that makes playing the accompaniment much easier. It also offers a multi-effects feature that's perfect for recording music on your phone.

Built-in Battery - This Cube baby guitar pedal comes with a built-in battery. This multi-effects guitar pedal may be charged and used simultaneously. It only needs to be charged for two hours, and it will last you eight hours while performing. This guitar effect pedal comes with a built-in battery that can be charged using a power bank or a mobile phone charger. It takes 2 hours to fully charge and works for 6-8 hours. It allows you to charge and work at the same time.

Portable Multi-effects - The Cube-Baby guitar pedal is ultra-portable and simple to use, delivering pro-level tones wherever you play. It's perfect for novices, weekend warriors, and traveling players, and it comes in a compact and robust container.

Packing List:
✅ 1 * Effect Pedal
✅ 1 * Charging Data Cable
✅ 1 * Internal Cable
✅ 1 * User Manual (English)