Cute Bag Fidget Rainbow Push Bubble Anti-stress Toy Backpack BLXCK NORWAY™

Anti-Stress Toy Backpack Can be Played Anytime Anywhere. Check To Know More

Description - This push bubble toy is an excellent sensory play because you can lift it up by pressing it repeatedly. These toys are ideal for offices, homes, churches, libraries, stations, special education classrooms, physiotherapy rooms and sensory rooms, and travel because they repeat a single action to aid children and adults in a condition of high stress or anxiety alleviate and vent their stress. You can have fun whenever and wherever you choose. No accessories are easily misplaced. Durable and compact. You can entertain yourself by tinkering or invite friends to a fast brain game. You can enjoy the game no matter where you are. Simply rinse in the sink and air dry after cleaning.

Features - The game's rules are straightforward and easy to comprehend, so it's suitable for both children and the elderly. It's also a great parent-child interactive toy. Small size allows it to be pressed and pulled without deforming, making it simple to store and transport. Preventing brain degeneration requires brain logical reasoning, oral and mental arithmetic, odd and even numbers, general planning, and other abilities. The bubble will produce a little popping sound when you press the bubble button, then turn over and start afresh. Made from eco-friendly materials that may be reused and cleaned indefinitely. Bright colours and shapes, as well as a lovely sound when you hit the bubble button (notice that the sound will be reduced on one side owing to the manufacturing process), will undoubtedly satisfy your child. It may be used as a toy or a bag, making it a great gift for your pals.

Game Rule - Each player takes turns pressing any number of bubble buttons in a row (multiple bubble buttons must be connected), and the opponent can push any bubble buttons that have not been pressed in this row/other rows. The loser is the player who pressed the last bubble button. Switch the game over to begin the next round right away.

Note - Please keep in mind that the tie-dye and rainbow models will have somewhat varying colour distributions in different batches due to the hand colour mixing. The real colour of the item may differ slightly from the colour shown on the photographs due to differences in monitors and lighting effects. Due to hand measurement, please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation.