Breathable Anti-shock Riding Gloves BLXCK NORWAY™

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Breathable Anti-shock Riding Gloves. Check The Details To Know More

Breathable Fabric - The rear of the gloves is made of a breathable material with good elasticity, which helps sweat to dissipate and keep hands dry. The breathable holes in the palm of the hand help to release heat and keep the wearer comfortable.

Super Anti-Shock Performance - Three pieces of gel pad in various shapes are distributed at the palm's bearing position, reducing the sensation of shock when riding.

Touchscreen Compatible - Our bike gloves have small touch-sensitive pads on the thumb and index finger that allow you to use your smartphone, tablet, or other touchscreen devices without removing the gloves.

Super Absorbent - A sweat-wicking textile covering on the thumb's outside edge could aid in sweat removal when cycling. Adjustable magic straps allow you to customize the degree of tension while stabilizing and securing your wrist.

Multi-Function Gloves - Gloves that can be used for road riding, mountain biking, professional cycling, and motorcycle riding. Ideal for gym workouts, outdoor exercise, weightlifting, fitness, and other outdoor pursuits.

Breathable Anti-shock Riding Gloves BLXCK NORWAY™

Breathable Anti-shock Riding Gloves BLXCK NORWAY™