The recommendations of 1000 professional cyclists are combined to meet the needs of cyclists for ultra-light, breathable, soft, and non-slip to the greatest extent. The new road bike shoes are made of breathable and comfortable microfiber. Comfortable and breathable lining, breathable fly-woven mesh surface, breathable, absorbent, Even if you ride for 126 hours, you won’t feel tired, foot stuffiness, or odor.
Our Riding Shoes are suitable for men and women and are compatible with 122 bolt SPD-style cleat/pedal pattern, suitable for all major pedals. So no matter what type of Mountain Bike you are, these shoes can fit perfectly.
The upper is designed with the most effective lacing system and Strap system, which is easy to put on and take off. What's more, the buckle is adjustable, which is suitable for different heights and shapes of insteps. Never miss a second, you can adjust the tightness or put on and take off your clipless shoes at any time during riding.
The exclusive anatomical arch support made of nylon allows the shoe to perfectly shape on the bow arch that maximizes stiffness. The sole of those cycling shoes is designed with an uneven surface, anti-slip lock, mountain lock, for optimum traction in running passages and more safety when entering the pedal. After years of use, it can still maintain a perfect new look, you don’t have to buy more cycling shoes!