Dental loupes lab medical magnification binocular blxcknorway™

Dental Loupes Lab Medical Magnification Binocular. Check The Details To Know More 

High Brightness - For all types of dental surgical operations, the light brightness is very powerful (with a high intensity > 15000-30000Lux and a bulb power of 1 W). It also contains a movable knob for adjusting the light's brightness.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery - The dental headlamp uses a rechargeable lithium battery that is very sturdy and long-lasting. The bulb has a lifetime of 100,000 hours. >5-hour continuous runtime

Light & compact - Because of its tiny size, the light and battery are easy to transport.

Easy to Use - Includes a convenient clip to attach the light to any surface and a rotatable knob to control the light's brightness. It is highly recommended for first-time users due to its ease of use.