Titanium Alloy Sunglasses Polarized Pilot Gradient Mirror Shades BLXCK NORWAY™

Polarized Pilot Gradient Mirror Shades With Titanium Alloy Sunglasses

Polarized UV Protection - Both UVA and UVB rays can be blocked completely by anti-reflective glasses. They block 100% of UVA and UVB radiation, filter out reflected sunshine, and protect your eyes from UV400 damage, making them excellent for sunny days.

Premium Polycarbonated HD Lens - HD polarised lenses with a twofold UV-resistant coating and polarising film are used in these high-quality anti-reflection aviator sunglasses. This is a long-lasting substance with excellent impact and scratch resistance. Polycarbonate is very transparent to visible light, allowing you to experience the most authentic reality possible.

Light Weight & Stylish Frame - The substance is unbreakable stainless steel, but it's as light as a cicada! Women's small frame aviator sunglasses feature a circular close-to-face design that is incredibly adorable and isolates glare created by the distance between the sunglasses and the face.

Women's polarized sunglasses with UV protection include a metal hinge design that fits practically all facial shapes. It is quite pleasant to wear and will not cause discomfort even if worn for a long time.

Anti-Glare Outdoor Sunglasses - Aviator sunglasses for teenagers are perfect for bicycling, driving, shopping, seaside travel, hiking, and other outdoor activities, as well as high-end fashion accessories and everyday use, showcasing the noble fashion style. You may also make present packaging, which is a great and useful gift idea for friends and family! Excellent value for money!