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Digital Kitchen Timer. Check The Details To Know More


Multi-Function Timer - An elegant digital kitchen timer that may be used for a variety of tasks on a daily basis: 1 key rotational operation, 2-time counting modes - Count Up & Count Down, 3 levels alarming volume for selecting, 500 mAh lithium battery built-in, huge led screen with magnetic for easy viewing

Simple One-Button Operation - Simply rotate the egg timer to set the time and click the button to start or pause the timer. The stylish and chic design of the digital timer makes it ideal for use in the classroom, when cooking, studying, keeping track of time, and more.

Count Up & Count Down - The classroom timer may be configured with either a Count-Up or Count-down feature to manage time for cooking or activities outside the classroom for up to 99 hours and 59 minutes.

Adjustable Alarm - The digital kitchen timer features three volume settings: loud, soft, and silent, allowing you to select the ideal level for your needs. The timer alarm is loud enough to hear when the timer runs out, so you won't miss any cues. You can adjust the volume or turn it off if you're sensitive to noise.

Rechargeable Timer - A USB rechargeable kitchen timer with a 500mAh battery that saves electricity and lasts longer. When there is no operation, the LED screen will darken for 5 seconds before shutting down for another 5 seconds to save power. Simply click the button or twist the egg timer to reactivate it as needed.

Easy To Read - The digital LED timer is a robust timer with a 3-inch LED display that is easy to see. The big display allows for better visibility from all angles. This egg timer can be attached to a refrigerator and viewed while moving around the kitchen; it also features a nonslip bottom that keeps it firmly on the counter and protects the surface.

Package Includes -
✅ 1 x Timer
✅ 1 x Manual