Pet Grooming clipper Kit

Who doesn’t love a new hair look? We humans can transform our overall look with a mere haircut. This also applies to all our beloved pets as they need their hair cut much more frequently. Therefore, it is quite essential to trim their hair to keep them clean and hygienic regularly.
This Pet Grooming clipper Kit serves the exact purpose. Frequent grooming will help you detect any skin problems they may have, and it also regulates shedding
It contains a 5-length fine-tuning knob that allows the ceramic blade to come in and out. This is very useful to adjust the length of the blade. You want. This gives five different sizes from 0.8mm-2mm.
The 30 degree blade will ensure that your pet doesn’t get a cut while trimming. This device can be used efficiently in both ways- without a cord and with a cord. It has a Li-polymer battery that gives you a long-lasting trimming performance. You can easily use the device for 120 minutes after complete charging.