Dog clothes coat jacket for small medium dogs

Our dog clothes coat jacket for small medium dogs is constructed of soft fabric that is soft and nice to the touch and wears. The interior fabric is made of breathable and lightweight cotton, allowing your adorable dogs to sleep in a pleasant and warm atmosphere. This pet costume may let your pet feel the owner's warmth and caring.
The pet apparel is designed in a humane manner, allowing you to swiftly and efficiently dress your pet. They are quite loose, do not interfere with pets' regular activities, and can give them a nice sensation. You can quickly remove and change your garments. It is simple to put on and take off. The surface is cleanable; the polyester material is not filthy and is simple to clean.
There are several body forms to pick from, making it ideal for most breeds and the most intimate and intimate present for dogs. Measure your dog's chest around the broadest area, leaving two-finger spacing, and adding 1-2 inches to the rear length for comfort. The internal wool lining is intended to make your dog seem fashionable and adorable.

Designed specifically for dogs in both indoor and outdoor settings. With these, your pet can run around in the snow without becoming chilly. Made of polyester with a soft wool inner, this warm and comfy windbreak keeps your dog warm in chilly weather. Ideal for brisk winter treks. It is not only convenient for you to put on your pet, but it is also quite pleasant for your pet.
Small to Medium dogs and cats are welcome. Poodles, border collies, huskies, Samoyeds, Labradors, golden retrievers, and other related breeds are examples. You can choose the correct size by measuring your breast and back length. Don't only look at weight or variety; if the measurement is between two sizes, please select the bigger size. Machine wash on the gentle cycle.

  • 🐼Widely used
  • 🐼Convenient design
  • 🐼Soft comfortable & warm
  • 🐼Multi-function
  • 🐼Suitable for most body types
  • 🐼Soft wool inner
  • 🐼Swiftly and efficiently
  • 🐼Breathable and lightweight cotton
  • 🐼Comfy windbreak
  • 🐼Fashionable and adorable
  • 🐼Warm atmosphere
  • 🐼5 sizes & 2 colours