Pet grooming brush blxck norway™

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Pet Grooming Brush. Check The Details To Know More

Safely Protect Your Pet's Skin - This dog and cat brush have a slightly 60° needle angled bent with massaging particles that clean deep beneath the fur without scratching your pet's skin. Definitely superior to other comb brushes.

Professional Care - Not only can this pet grooming brush gently remove loose hair, grime, and tangles, but it can also massage the pet's fur to improve blood circulation and efficiently avoid fleas and parasites, preventing skin disease. Softens and shines your pet's coat. Brushing your cat will make him or her very happy.

Easy Hair Removed With One Key - After brushing off the hair with this self-cleaning slicker brush, simply push the cleaning button on the back of the brush to eliminate any residual hair. Grooming and cleaning time and energy are considerably reduced.

High Quality & Comfortable - This dog and cat grooming brush is made of ABS, which is a safe and environmentally friendly material. The handle is soft and ergonomic, featuring an anti-skid groove that reduces hand fatigue and pain while in use.

More Tips - Great for long-haired and short-haired dogs and cats, including Dobermans, German Shepherds, Goldendoodles, Labradors, and Himalayan cats. When not in use, please keep children and animals away.

Brushing your pet too vigorously can cause injury. Please ensure sure your pet's body is free of cuts or sores, as combing over them might be painful.

Pet grooming brush blxck norway™

Pet grooming brush blxck norway™