Warmer dog & cat house blxcknorway™

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Dog & Cat Warmer House. Check The Details To Know More

Cuddle Comfort - This kitty cave provides a cozy and comfortable spot for cats to relax indoors. The velvety foam walls are meant to keep your cat warm, delivering great warmth while they relax into a deep nap! The enclosed hood design provides more seclusion and security, which appeals to cats who naturally like to sleep in tiny places.

Sleep Or Play - This kitty cave gives a comfortable covered spot for fur babies to sleep or play in. This cat house's velvety covering provides good insulation while still being comfortable to the touch, making it an ideal bed for reclining cats. This enclosed kitty bed also appeals to rambunctious cats who adore rolling about in little boxes or cubbyholes!

Removable Cushion - Both young kittens and adult cats will enjoy the pillow-soft coziness of the removable cushion liner. This layer of fluffy padding provides additional orthopedic luxury and warmth, making it ideal for aged cats who require joint support to relax peacefully.

Warm Place - In the winter, a semi-enclosed house can shield dogs from the cold wind and provide a warm and cozy sleeping environment. The size of the enclosed indoor tent, whether it's a mattress or a pet house, can provide your pet with a sense of solitude and protection.

Simple To Use - Tool-free assembly, may be used anywhere, folding and disassembled design, easy to transport and store. Garages, porches, barns, balconies, and passageways are all good candidates. Indoor and outdoor use is possible.

Size - 
S: 39*32*34cm, Idea for pets up to 4 kg
M: 44*36*39cm, Idea for pets up to 8 kg
L: 49*39*46cm, Idea for pets up to 14 kg
Package Included - 1x Pet House

Warmer dog & cat house blxcknorway™

Warmer dog & cat house blxcknorway™