Dog & Puppy training pads ultra absorbent & leak-proof pet underpads blxck norway™

Dog & Puppy Training Pads Ultra Absorbent & Leak-Proof Pet Underpads. Check The Details To Know More 

Small Pee Pads Dimensions -13" x 18" (100 Counts Included) We're working hard to make pee pads that are thicker and more durable for pet owners. This training pad has a high absorption rate, so the liquid won't spill over the edges, and you won't have to wipe the floor as often.

Leak-proof Design - Our wee pads have a stronger, waterproof covering that helps prevent liquid damage to your carpet and hardwood floors. Pet toilet training, aged pet assistance, nursing doggie, travel carrier, and pet crate can all benefit from training pads.

5 Layers of Construction - There are 5 layers to this dog pee pad. The non-woven fabric with a diamond quilting design for anti-streaming is placed on top of the top layer, which can absorb pee rapidly and keep the surface dry.

The polymer core can rapidly turn liquid into gel, while the final two layers can keep liquid in place and protect your floor.

High Absorption - Because of their excellent absorption, these potty training pads can hold up to 6 cups of liquid. The quick-dry surface can keep your pet's foot dry and clean, so you won't have to worry about wet footprints on the floor or on the wall.