Interactive Pet Training Toy Ball blxcknorway™

Interactive Pet Training Toy Ball. Check The Details To Know More 


Durable & Soft - The dog ball is constructed of premium PU, which is the same material as a conventional soccer ball and can be kicked and bounced, and it meets the same safety standards as children's toys. The dog football is tough but gentle on the teeth, jaws, and mouth of dogs. It's also simple to clean, unlike many plush dog toys, which can accumulate bacteria over time.

Upgrade Interactive Dog Toy - A dog soccer ball with nylon tabs sewed evenly into the seams creates an unpredictable bounce that dogs love to pursue, as well as making it easier for them to fetch, toss, tug, and retrieve. To attract dogs' attention, the dog toys ball is printed with regularly spaced dog paws. People can hang on to the ball with a longer strap, making it a terrific interactive dog toy for training.

Ultra Bouncing Ball for Water Play - The lightweight, buoyant shape of the soccer ball for dogs allows it to be played in the pool, lake, and beach. The grab tabs dog soccer ball is designed to keep your dog entertained and active while also assisting humans and dogs in remaining engaged.

Pump & Needle Adapter Included - The dog's hearing balls are deflated. A needlepoint adapter and a pump are also included, although other items in the same market simply come with a ball needle. The soccer ball dog toy measures 15cm in diameter and is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs. It is not suitable for aggressive chewers.