Drip irrigation system wifi automatic watering timer

Our drip irrigation system wifi automatic watering timer is compatible with the Wifi hub and the Tuya Smart Life App. It may be controlled at any moment using the app (IOS and Android). Connect the Wifi Hub to 2.4GHz WiFi and pair the timer to manage your watering schedule using your phone APP. When you require temporary watering, you may turn on manual irrigation with a single click without disrupting your watering schedule.
You may water at any minute, hour, or day using the app, without interrupting normal irrigation. The smart timer also allows you to water manually without interfering with the pre-programmed schedule. Manual watering mode is as simple as pressing the ON/OFF switch. Has a separate watering record page that will track the start time, duration, and end time of each of your waterings.
After connecting to the Phone APP, the smart timer can automatically detect the weather. Using the rain delay option on the APP, you can temporarily pause your watering routine for up to 24/48/72 hours. After you configure it, it will retrieve the most recent local weather prediction from the APP and postpone watering according to your preferences on rainy days.
You may get the irrigation full historical statistics on the APP at any time. It enables you to control and monitor the irrigation plan more effectively and intelligently. It allows you to add numerous WiFi sprinkler timers to your irrigation system to cover more areas that require watering. Furthermore, for system stability, we recommend that no more than four WiFi water timers be added.
Each WiFi hose timer may establish several watering schedules to satisfy your extensive watering requirements. You may also select between two watering modes: standard cycle mode and soaker cycle mode to make the most of every drop and save money on your water bill. When it rains, you may simply delay the watering plan for 24/48/72 hours using the APP.
  • ✔️Track Watering Records
  • ✔️The WiFi sprinkler timer
  • ✔️Rain Delay & Manual Watering
  • ✔️Flexible Watering Schedule
  • ✔️Weight: 1.27lbs
  • ✔️Size:  8 x 9 x 15 cm
  • ✔️Expandable Irrigation System
  • ✔️Smart App Control
  • ✔️History Record & Schedule
  • ✔️Smart Watering & Rain Delay
  • ✔️Timed Irrigation and Cyclic Irrigation
  • ✔️Voice Assistant Control