smart LED light bulb blxcknorway™

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Wifi Smart LED Light Bulb. Check The Details To Know More


Easy to Set up with Broad Applicability - It's simple to set up and has a wide range of applications. The smart bulbs are suitable with a wide range of lighting fixtures in different rooms, such as the bedroom, living room, kitchen, playroom, and study, and have the same broad applicability as normal E26 A19 led light bulbs. To make a bulb as clever and smart as possible, simply change light bulbs with smart color-changing light bulbs in 3 minutes. (works with 2.4GHz or dual band wifi routers; no hub required)

Colors in their natural state Tuneable White - By switching light bulbs with 16 million RGB colors and dimmable warm white(2700K) to cool daylight(6500K), well-matched lighting effects and ambiance may be created for a variety of uses in daily life, as well as for holiday decorations. By using your voice or an app, you may regulate the brightness of led color-changing light bulbs from 1% to 100%. (Do not use with dimmers)

Voice/App Control Without Hassle - This smart light bulb is certified to work with Alexa, Google Home, and the SmartLife App. With your voice or the touch of a button, you can turn your Alexa smart light bulb on or off, alter the brightness, or change the colors. When your hands are full or you're in a dark room, it'll be easier to control the smart lighting.

DIY Timer/Schedule Function - The RGB light bulbs may be turned on/off automatically at a certain time, or you can design a schedule or countdown timer for your smart led light bulbs to follow your daily routine. It can also serve as a helpful reminder for you or your children to do the correct things at the proper time, such as put down the game and go to bed.

Individually/Group Control - Using the SmartLife App, you can form a group for all of your led color-changing light bulbs and effortlessly control them with Alexa devices or Google Home. You can manage your smart lights through the Alexa app at any time to make it appear as if someone is home, even when you are not. (After connecting, runs on 2.4G or 5G Wifi)

smart LED light bulb blxcknorway™

smart LED light bulb blxcknorway™