Earmuffs Active Headphones for Shooting Hearing protection BLXCK NORWAY™

Searching for Shooting Headphones?? Your Search Ends Here. Check out the Details

Design - The purpose of these shooting earmuffs is to reduce firing noise while also protecting your hearing. After researching the current issues with earmuffs on the market, we decided to use a more advanced internal chip and softer ear pads. The stereo sound design makes the sound heard through internal amplifiers more stereo, realistic, and clear, and the soft earpads provide perfect shooting comfort.

Noise Reduction Rating 22DB - When shooting, hunting, or in a noisy environment, please turn on the volume control button to allow electronic noise reduction to keep you under the regular or slight sound environment to protect your hearing. The volume control button adjusts the amplification impact based on your demands, allowing you to adapt to varied situations. (Most noise-canceling earmuffs don't include an amplification feature.)

High-Quality Material - To make it look more attractive and faultless, we utilize high-quality material that is sturdy and difficult to damage. The earmuffs' body is completely sealed, allowing for improved noise attenuation. It could only be done with high-end earmuffs.

Professional Electronic Shooting Earmuffs - We manufacture electronic hearing protection shooting earmuffs on a regular basis, and we strive to provide the most cost-effective product and service to all of our customers. You will find many advantages to our products when compared to other shooting hearing protection products.