Automatic Head Lice Eliminator BLXCK NORWAY™

Having lice in your hair can be quite frustrating and affects your mood. That continuous itching can also be a bit embarrassing in public. If you have lice in your head, then surely you must be searching for an optimum solution to remove them as soon as possible. To get rid of your problem, we have brought you an Automatic Head Lice Eliminator that is quite effective in removing lice.
This advanced comb is absolutely hypoallergenic and therefore, can be used on your dogs and cats without any risk. This comb instantly pulls out the lice and their eggs and allows safe disposal. It also comes with three different capture filters and does not contain any chemicals.
This needle of this comb is made up of stainless steel is completely safe for your hair. This is an ergonomic comb that eradicates lice and has an adjustable angle for combing. The design is compact and is very small in size. This effective device also reduces the chances of their returning by 86 %.
Made with highly advanced technology, this automatic Head Lice Eliminator is your true saviour. It comprises Nano-bind Teeth that have positive ions to separate the lice and eggs. The strong suction power helps to pull them out in a confided bag, while the UV light helps to destroy the captured lice and bags.