Mini Portable Engraver Drill Grinding Machine

Carry Drilling Machine Wherever You Go. Portable & Handy Tool

3 Variable Speed Adjustments - The rotary tool has three speeds: 5000rpm, 10000rpm, and 15000rpm, allowing you to alter the rotation speed to meet various work conditions, such as polishing, cleaning, engraving, and carving projects.

32 Accessories for Creations - This cordless rotary tool comes with 32 pieces of accessory kit, including sanding bands, diamond bits, grinding wheels, and more, allowing the machine to drill, polish, engrave, clean, and more. The diameter of all accessories is 2.3mm.

USB Connector for Easy Charging - Charging time: around 2 hours on a full charge, 90 minutes on full power. Interface USB MICRO (compatible with iPhone and Android chargers); It comes with a USB charging cable (without charging head)

Comfortable Pen Design in a Convenient Size - This Rotary Tool's ergonomic streamlined form gives a comfortable grip for enhanced control. The rotary tool is portable, lightweight, and easy to use. The small size of the pen allows you to be more creative.